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Welcome to innovation, tech and creativity

Welcome to innovation, tech and creativity

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By Tyne Purdy

Welcome to primary industries.

Working on the land or sea is still extremely important in WA. WA is the powerhouse of Australia when it comes to the primary industries. Our agriculture, aquaculture, fibre, food and forestry industries make us a key supplier for customers across Australia and overseas. This is a $11.7 billion a year industry of which 95% is exported to other countries.  

Working in the primary industries is so much more than ‘farm life’. It is a literal breeding ground of technological innovation, revolutionising the way we work with animals, the land and sea.  

The primary industries are challenging us to work in sustainable ways – all the while still tackling some of the world’s biggest problems – food shortages, climate change, land degradation to name a few.  

The industry 

There has never been a more exciting time to get involved.  

You will have the opportunity to be at the forefront, looking at some of the most important challenges faced globally.   

Young people are needed in this industry now. Your entrepreneurship, your creativity and innovation, and your uniqueness are in demand.  Your knowledge of new tech will help the primary industries evolve in an ethically sustainable way.  

The way we have traditionally thought of the primary industries is changing. Forget images of farmers, toiling away on the land. This isn’t representative of what the industry is and does as a whole. 

And it isn’t all about science either – though that is also an important part. People with a huge range of skills and knowledge are needed to help the industry thrive. Every industry needs people in communications, business management, logistics, project management, trades (and so much more). 

It is an industry with a huge range of job opportunities where you can extend yourself and make a real difference. 

What does this mean for you?

Be curious. Be brave. Be bold.